Papa Tom

As some of you already know, my sweet papa had surgery this past week to remove his stomach. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer for the second time a few weeks ago. Thursday was suposed to be a 4-5 hour deal, but it became a lot more than that fast. I stayed by my phone all afternoon hearing frustrating updates that cancer had spread to papa’s esophagus. The surgeons removed pieces of his esophagus to check if the cells were cancerous, and each time they were. Doctors removed and tested all esophagus that they could, and we are still awaiting the last sample’s results. 

This week has been quite emotional. Thursday night, I was a nervous wreck. At my “bedtime” of 10:00, papa had been in surgery for a little over 8 hours!! I couldn’t sleep, or shake the feeling that I needed to get in my car and drive to the Upstate. After a lot of crying, Husband and I notified work and did just that. We arrived at my parents house at 3:30 in the morning, exhausted, but glad we were close to Papa. We were able to spend the day at the hospital with family and got to see Papa. He could not breathe on his on after surgery and the ventilator prevented him from talking, but he knew we were there and teared at our presence. I was able to pray over him and thank him for the example he has been for me and the community. 

We were only able to stay in the Upstate for a short time and were back at our home in Summerville in less than 24 hours after our very sleepy car ride, but I am so glad that we were able to make the trip. I have to get updates from afar again, but am thrilled that Papa can now talk and is gaining his strength back! Continue to pray for his recovery and his and my family’s acceptance of awaited news. 


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