You know you’re a teacher if…

As this school year is coming to a quick close, here are some things every teacher can attest to:

1. You ask for supplies like staplers, markers, and children’s books for Christmas.

2. You spend most of your time in hallways walking backwards… and if you’re me, making your class giggle when you almost run into something.

3. You have “teacher pants” in every color.

4. Kiddos mistankenly call you “mom,” but you think it’s cute so you don’t correct them.

5. You find random items in your pockets like wrappers, legos, and band-aids.

6. A new package of post-it notes make you way to happy.

7.Fridays are exciting and the weekend is a much needed break, but come Sunday night, you start to miss sweet hugs and little smiles.

8.Your day starts way before your kiddos get to school and lasts long after they are home.

9. The wall around your desk is covered with pictures and notes from children you teach.

10. You love each child unconditionally and would do anything for your sweet students!


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