Long Distance

Living in Charleston has a lot of great perks: close beaches, beautiful downtown, great food… but it’s just far enough from home that we don’t get to see family often. Recently, we found out that my sweet papa has stomach cancer again, and even before the diagnosis, living hours away while papa was sick was very hard for me. For those who may not know Papa, he’s a man after God’s own heart. He always uses his words to uplift… when Papa speaks, you listen. It is difficult knowing that he is hurting. 

Through this rough time, I have realized that I have been really bad at living far from people back home. I would like to think I’m good at living near people: lunch dates, coffee meetings… but, confession, I’ve never been too great on the phone. But when you don’t have the chance to see people, talking on the phone and Skype are a must. I was really lost on how to love Papa well when I couldn’t stop by the house, but one of our sweet teens reminded me that care packages and cards can be perfect. Our teens helped Justin and I put together a basket for Papa, and I know that I need to be just as intentional in building relationships with family back home as I have been in creating family here in Charleston.

And of course, God, as always, is using Papa Tom to teach me something.  


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