He is Faithful

Friday night, Justin and I got to sit across the table from a beautiful family. A mom of one of my students had asked us to join them at iHop, and I could not have been more excited to accept! 

God has truly laid on my heart to be a teacher who invests in not just my students, but their families too. Attending games and doing home visits are a big way that I do that, but I have been praying for God to open doors for Justin and I to spend more time with families, things that they would want to initiate. He answered  that prayer this past week!

We were greeted at iHop with a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, big smiles, and warm embraces. Justin and I don’t speak a lot of Spanish, but both of our families were so excited to be sharing a meal together that language and culture differences didn’t seem to matter. We laughed over big plates of food, my sweet student’s skills on his tablet… and gum finds under the table… and simply enjoyed one another’s company. 

On our car ride home and at the house later that evening as I was doing last minute clean up before my parents arrived for a weekend visit, words to a favorite song replayed over and over again in my heart. “He is faithful, He is glorious…” I stopped what I was doing, lifted my hands, cloth and cleaner in all, to the heavens, and simply worshiped my sweet Father. God saw the desire of my heart. God gave me the desire of my heart. He IS faithful, and He IS glorious. 

  This is my beautiful bouquet serving as a reminder of an even more beautiful evening.


The family found out it was Justin’s birthday soon so made sure he was sung to and brought a yummy dessert!  
He is Faithful by Bryan and Katie Torwalthttp://youtu.be/nq5iuqpzYQs


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