A Home for Husband Too

Being a wife that really enjoys burlap, lace, and flowers… it can be challenging to create a space that my husband, Justin, can feel comfortable in as well. Fortunately, God blessed me with a man that loves my vintage taste in decor! I enjoy finding little ways to incorperate masculine things in the midst of my girlie “Pinterest” type style. Below are several items that prove a man lives here too. 🙂

Vintage shoe shine box in master bedroom 

Antique razors found together at a flea market to decorate our master bath


Favorite soda bottles (both mine and his) used around home as vases   


Comic character fun in office  


Vintage laxative bottle (boys love potty humor… always) and a mustache sign in guest bath

Cologne bottles to accompany vintage perfume bottles in master bath 

Cameras as decor in living room and office to support Justin’s love for photography

Gallery wall displaying some of Justin’s favorite pieces 

We also enjoy picking out pieces for our home together and having DIY dates to create special projects! How do you create a place for “husband” in your house? I’d love to hear about it! 


2 thoughts on “A Home for Husband Too

  1. Love this Dee! So good to think of them as well- I always want our home to be a haven and place my husband is comfortable at. Creating places for all his books is one way I add in something for him 🙂


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