Extended Family

After a rough day at school, I have a rule.  I can pout and complain for a bit (sometimes that’s needed), but then I need to blast worship music, cry a bit, blast more music, pray over my room, and visit some sweet kiddos.

Friday was one of those days.  During my home visits, God used families to lift my spirits and remind my heart of who I really teach for.  Parents welcomed me with Cokes, papya smoothies, and encouraging words.  One mom started telling me that she knows her daughter enjoys my visits and that all of the  kids must feel very special to see me at their door.  I had the opportunity to share how God has led me to reach families, not just children, and that He is who guides how I teach.  She ended our conversation saying that to my students, it’s like I’m becoming extended family.  I loved that. 

This is exactly what I desire.  I want the students I teach to know that I am truly invested in them.  Not just for a year, but that I can always be a part of their lives.  May God continue to  expand my “extended family.” 


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