Food Lion? 

I grew up going to Bi-Lilo or Winn-Dixie each week with my mama.  Recently, I’ve tried out Publix, and I like how kind each employee is and that someone always offers to take my buggy to the car.  A couple weeks ago, I officially decided that my weekly grocery trip will HAVE to be Publix.  Well, this Monday, God had other plans. 

I have never, EVER been to Food Lion.  There happens to be one very close to my school, and it crossed my mind a while back that if I need to pick up one or two things, I should go there and maybe could run into kids or parents from my class.  I definitely like the hospitality of Publix, and may still occssassionly visit Bi-Lo for some fuel perks, but Food Lion could suffice for an “I forgot to get that” run.  As I left school Monday with my weekly shopping list, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to go to Food Lion.   My immediate thought was, “No! It has been a rough day, and I want to go to Publix where someone will carry my buggy and where there’s always samples.”  I seriously told that to God.  But again, the Holy Spirit told me to go to Food Lion.  I turned in, but circled the parking lot for a while trying to talk myself into getting back on the road and going to “magical Publix.”  I finally told the Spirit that I would listen and go “to Food Lion,” even “in Food Lion,” but I wasn’t going to shop somewhere that I didn’t like.  I just knew they wouldn’t have the fruit I wanted, be clean enough, or a list of about five other excuses I had come up with during my multiple in and out of rows of parking  spaces.  

Afer making my way inside, I again  felt the Holy Spirit speak.  I was not being asked to simply go inside, but to shop.  I began going up and down, and back and forth trying to find  everything on my list in a store I had never visited, and then God showed me why He desired me to be in Food Lion.  One of my sweet girls and her grandpa were shopping too!  I got to speak with them for quite a while, was at budget when checking out, and then saw one of my boys and his family coming into the store as I left!  

For months, it has frustrated me that I rarely see my kiddos around town because I live twenty-five minutes from school.  God very much heard that desire of my heart, and I almost  missed it because of disobedience!  May I not fight the Spirit and trust His leading.  So for now, I’m a Food Lion girl! 


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