Intentional Yogurt 

It may be a little silly to think that yogurt and M&Ms can bring the Gospel and hope to a conversation, but this week, God did just that.

I am truly honored and overwhelmed with gratitude that God has chosen me to teach and live in a way that brings Him glory.  Days that I am led to do a home visit are so wonderful because God shows up every time.  I left school this past Friday in pajamas and crazy Whoville hair and was thinking about one of the boys for my class- a bit hesitant at first to show up dressed crazy, but thinking it could be a great icebreaker.   I have tried to visit him multiple times and either no one is home or just an adult and not him, but today as I was talking to mom on the couch, he came home from his sitter’s house!  We talked a little and this sweet little boy showed me some of his favorite toys.  He then decided to dig into the fridge and get a childhood favorite yogurt.   Mom and I laughed about how he usually just eats the M&Ms, but together we mixed in our candy and ate our yogurt.  Mom, in broken English, thanked me for having patience with her son.  We chatted a bit more about how her son is doing in school and then I asked her about her life.  Once, when her son was not home, we just got to talk and I found out a lot of emotional things that she was dealing with having to sometimes work multiple jobs and having big responsibilities at work that often keep her away from her son.  I had prayed with her that day, and I asked if I could pray with her again.  She began to tear up as I took her hand and prayed for God to give her strength this week.  

Right now, Mom doesn’t understand every word I say, but she does understand love.  She knows that I care not just about her son, but about her as well.  After we prayed, I gave ger a big hug and left with Mom holding her son up to the window to wave at me as long as he could see my car.  Leaving I just couldn’t help but think how easy it was for me to stop by.  How easy it was for me to eat yogurt filled with candy.  How easy it was for me to ask Mom how she was doing.  

My friends, being intentional is NOT hard.  We like to make the idea of discipling, accountability, and being intentionally missional something that has to be so planned and programmed, but in reality, it is simple.  It is putting our time aside in order to love and serve others well.  That can be a 45 minute home visit, a batch of cookies for new neighbors, a lunch or dinner invitation, or a real “How are you?”  Choose to let God use you well this week.  What can you do that is easy and simple but will show God’s heart for peole in your community? 


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