Crafty Love

My sweet husband puts up with quite a lot from this artsy wife.  I have an entire room of crafts, spend countless hours at thrift stores and flea markets, and always have a new idea of how to decorate our home.  We are still very newlywed, but I am learning that a part of marriage is loving your spouse the way he or she needs to be loved.  It is really taking time to know them.  To love Justin well, I can make sloppy joes for dinner, pick up a pack of Swedish Fish, and give him time to play Magic or a new game on the Xbox.  These past couple of months, Justin has really loved me well.  He is figuring me out.  I don’t need expensive gifts.  I don’t need fancy dates.  I need time and thoughtfulness.  I want to share with you two ways he has demonstrated his love for me perfectly, exactly the way my crafty heart needs. 

Honeycomb shelves 

J & D sign 

Justin spent quite amount of time in the garage sawing and nailing and keeping secrets this past Christmas and Valentine’s.  

I do believe I have a keeper.  


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