Thrifty Chic

You have heard of Duck Dynasty? Well, I just so happened to grow up a part of the Jockey Lot Dynasty. Many have jokingly called my dad “The Jockey Lot King,” and being a daddy’s girl, obviously following in his footsteps comes naturally.

I’ve always enjoyed tagging along with Daddy to flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores, and he taught me the very valuable life lesson of bartering. I can typically get what catches my eye at the exact cost I want- it still amazes my husband every time! My friend, Haley, who I mentioned in my first post, also shares this pastime. We’ve collected children’s books, classroom goodies, and one night over Haley’s house in high school, she suggested a new thrifty focus: plates.

Now both Haley and I are dreamers and planners, and the plate idea was no exception. She said, “You know how people register for china for their weddings? Well, we like a lot of different stuff, how will we pick out one china pattern?! I think we should… (as she takes out a bowl from a Ross bag) find random plates and bowls to make out own china set!”. I was sold.

Now to the rules we created:
1. You can’t take a plate you like from a set of plates- that’s cheating.
2. You have to find a plate, bowl, ect. all by its lonesome- one that no one else would want.
3. You are allowed to buy a plate that has a match IF you buy both and give the matching plate, bowl, ect. to Haley/Dee.

Needless to say, filling our hope chests with unique plates, bowls, platters, teapots, and pitchers became a new hobby for us very quickly. To this day, birthdays and Christmases still include fun thrifty finds. Filling up my hope chest kept me thinking, then, of my future husband. I would find fun house decor items along my plate searches, find a table that could use a new coat of paint in my future home, and as my hope chest grew, so did my praying for the role I would play one day as a wife.

Now that I have a husband and home of my own, I love seeing thrifted items on display around our house. In fact, we don’t have a single piece of furniture that hasn’t been given second-hand glory! Creating something to be treasured out of what is old, broken, or forgotten brings me a lot of joy.

You see, the moment Haley mentioned collecting random plates I knew I wanted in, because I like potential. I like seeing what the kiddos in my classroom can become before they, or even their families, know it, I enjoy speaking life into our teens about what their walk with Christ could look like… and I love seeing a piece of furniture or a plate sitting all alone and knowing exactly where it will go in our house, the exact color it will be painted, or what shelf it will sit on. All throughout our home there are stories of potential and new creations. What was old has been made new. I like that every piece of furniture and majority of our decor has a story. I remember who I was with when I stumbled across a treasure and the person who sold it to me.

Here’s the deal, not just our home should be filled with potential, and we shouldn’t set our eyes only to transforming pieces for our home. Pinterest is great inspiration, I have definitely been known to spend hours pinning cute ideas myself, BUT how much more inspiring is it to see kids, family members, friends, and strangers with the same excitement as a pile of old pallets or shelf of random plates? We have not been called to impeccable decorating, but to discipling others.

I will always enjoy thrifting- it’s in my blood! BUT I also have the blood of Christ running through my veins and have a higher purpose. Each piece in our home is more than a fun “I got this treasure for cheap” story. Each piece is a reminder of the grace of God that saved a heart as selfish as mine and desires to see others changed. Let pieces in your home remind you of the same.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5‬:‭17‬ ESV)

What person, alone, forgotten, or broken can you speak life in to today?



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