Playing House

I’ve wanted to create a blog for quite some time now, and with my husband and I living away from some very dear friends and family, this will be a way to connect with all those that a care dearly about… with a little more detail than Facebook and Instagram.

Justin and I are still very newly wed, but I have learned these past 18 months that I absolutely love being a wife.  Creating a home that is safe for both of us and a place that is inviting for couples, neighbors, and teens that we have the opportunity to meet and invest in truly brings me joy.  I have been preparing for this role of wife since I can remember.  As a young girl, I would help Mama in the kitchen prepare meals for guests.  In high school, my friend Haley and I started collecting plates for our hope chests.  I went through countless books and studies about being a woman of character and a future wife, but dreaming of the day when you say “I do” and step into marriage doesn’t compare to actually getting to be a wife.

My “I do” day came with a lot more than moving in with a boy.  I had grown up in the big town of Williamston, SC and only went to college twenty minutes away from my parent’s house.  I had always worked with kids: assisted in children’s church and VBS, was a camp counselor, led children’s ministry, taught… but everything was about to change.  After our honeymoon to St. Augustine, we drove to my new home in Goose Creek, SC, about 4 hours away from everything I knew.  My husband is a youth pastor and had lived in this area for a year helping start a church in Summerville, so I was no longer doing children’s ministry, but youth ministry.  I had led a bible study or two with teens, but leading a group of middle and high schoolers was a bit terrifying.  I started teaching at a new school, moved into an apartment, and this was the first time Justin and I had lived in the same city, let alone in the same house!  A lot of change happened all at once, but being a wife and having a husband made everything worth it.

At first, it felt like I was just playing house.  My hope chest was full of dishes, vintage decor, and even furniture for our new home, and I really enjoyed decorating our first place.  I liked searching Pinterest for new recipes and trying to make yummy meals for my new husband, but I quickly realized that being married is more than decorating a home and eating meals together, it’s all about living life together.  I have a best friend that I get to live life with every day.  When ministry gets tough and and a long day at school leaves me exhausted, I have a live-in best friend to walk through things with.  These first months of marriage haven’t always been easy, but I love that God has allowed me to be a wife and have a husband that mirrors His love, kindness, and comfort.


2 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. Dee I am so happy for you. You have always made me and Papa happy. You are such a special young lady. I always knew that some day you would marry a pastor and be a great helpmate in all of his work. Always know we love you and will always be here for you.


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